I started Cheesecake Medic after losing my brother to PTSD in the summer of 2017. We shared a love for cheesecakes and would banter over whose were better. Losing a sibling so young and in this manner truly has no words to describe the emotions you go through. One thing that hit me hard is how much our first responders suffer in silence. At first I baked as it was therapeutic however I continued to have a nagging feeling that something more needed to be done to help raise awareness to PTSD. This is when Cheesecake Medic was born. It gives me the opportunity to bake and share my story in hopes to bring more awareness to the fact that our first responders need us just as much as we need them. To my big brother in the sky I love and miss you more than you could ever know. This journey is dedicated to you Chris as well as all the other fallen first responders! XO